The 2048 game is very popular. So I made some 2048, based on the original one.

  1. 3D 2048 3D version! Q and E to move front and back.
  2. Double 2048 This version contains two game areas. Getting any one to the 2048 tile to win.
  3. Cross 2048 This version also contains two game areas, which have a common tile. It's easier than the double version.
  4. Cross 2048 2 Another version of cross 2048. The two game areas have 4 common tiles.
  5. Hexagonal 2048 I changed the container to haxagon. Use combined keys to move, such as W and A to move left top. Q, E, Z and C are the short cuts.
  6. Hexagonal 2048 2 Left is left and right is right. But what up is up left or up right depends on the last horizontal move.
  7. Advanced 2048 There're tiles *2 and *4 which multiply number to other tiles.